CNN Reports on Gabriella Bill

Click to watch the story CNN did on the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research act, a bill just passed by Congress in the USA to help fund pediatric cancer research. It’s a beautiful story about Gabriella’s parents doing their best to carry on her fight but it includes controversy as politics usually does.



United we stand.

Nicole Scobie has done it again. She has written what my heart is saying in such a beautiful, approachable way. Topics: ¬†We can live in space but can’t defeat a leukemia cell in a child; yes, we’re jealous of the pink movement, it’s amazing, let’s learn from and support it; the gold movement, not just a visual display. Click on the link and have a good read.

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Bronwyn made this mini documentary in the Filming Ourselves class at Gilda’s Club Toronto in the spring of 2013. This is the project that gave Bronwyn her voice. Before her involvement in this class she didn’t talk much. She faced cancer with a stoic resolve that it would not break her. She did not suffer foolish questions from doctors and nurses well. [“Foolish” by her standards.] I was her mouth piece. She would talk to us, her family, but never about what she was going through, never about the cancer. I credit Gilda’s Club for giving her an outlet to safely face her beast. Since this film was made Bronwyn has spoken at a few fundraisers and will speak at the National Day of Awareness and Action this Saturday at HTO Park, just before the CN Tower goes gold. I will also be making an announcement about the Knitting for Gold project. It will be the official, public announcement.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: 8 Brutal Truths to Choke On

Why so little is being done to help our most vulnerable victims of cancer? This Huffington Post article gives clear answers.

When I began researching childhood cancer and what was being done about it I was broken-hearted. Cancer and it’s treatments, mostly adapted from adult cancer research, is so devastating on young bodies that were perfectly healthy until, by chance, cancer invaded. This article clearly states the reasons why survival rates and treatments have not improved in decades. My research matches the points Suzanne Leigh makes here. I concur with every word.This is what chemo does to our children